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*How to avoid spilling coffee in the car and keep cups, bottles, and phones organized!*

So, I am totally that person... You know, the one who loves drinking coffee in the car and leaves empty cups and water bottles in the console, phone accessory wires everywhere, and as always, the cell phone that falls between the console and the passenger seat.

Right now, I believe I have both cup holders full and my passenger side floor full of other cups from my kids. I mean, what’s a busy mama supposed to do? When I get home, I have to take my warm, snuggly, sleepy babies into the house, and I don’t really feel like going back to clean out the car. I drive my OCD husband absolutely crazy.

When I was given the chance to test out the 5-in-1 Car Cup Holder from Enigma Deals, I was pretty skeptical. Was it really going to make that big of a difference? Was it really going to stay in place? Would some extra cup holders and an additional accessory slot make the front of my car that much more organized?

Well, let me tell you! With two kiddos (and my water bottle addiction), this mama is always trying to balance beverages while driving. The cardboard drink carriers from restaurants are not very helpful when you don’t have another person to hold it. If you set it in your seat…it spills. If you set it on the floor…it spills. And, as we all know, kids seem to have this weird aversion to holding their own drink; even if their seat has its own holders.

The first time I used this Car Cup Holder Adapter, I was worried about it moving and the drinks falling to the floor. That was not the case at all! The cup holder fits perfectly almost as if it was built in. Just to make sure, I went ahead and also stuck this bad boy in my husband’s car, his work car, my dad’s car as well as a friend’s car and the 5 in 1 Enigma Deals Car Cup Holder fits like a glove in every one of them.

Right then and there I was sold! No more balancing drinks for this mama! The space between the cup holders was perfect for my phone. It didn’t slide around and it was in the perfect location to charge.

Although it is not the most attractive car accessory (it is MUCH better looking than water bottles and sippy cups thrown wherever they land). It is so functional!

When it is time to clean, it is so easy to wipe out or throw in the dishwasher. It is without question one of those products you don’t realize you need until you actually have it!

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